Top 6 Fall Car Care Tips

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July has turned to August. August has turned to September. The green leaves are turning into hues of red and golden. Fall has finally arrived! The time to go on road trips to meet family and enjoy has come! There are some car maintenance things you can do to ensure that you meet up with others, and make this season amazing.
  • Check Tire Conditions : The condition of your car’s tires is crucial for driving anywhere during fall. Check tread, inflation and overall condition of your tires. Rotate your tires so that they wear evenly, and check to ensure that they are inflated properly. This also ensures that the tires have uniform tread depth on all tires. All of these lead to a comfortable drive, and a memorable experience.
  • Prepare for Cold Weather: Getting stranded on the side of the road due to car issues is not fun. One of the most common factors of car issues is cold weather. In the fall months, weather is much cooler than what it is in the summer. The engine has to work harder, and the tires may lose a lot of air. Always be prepared for these issues, and always prepare for the future. Better safe than sorry.
  • Check Heat: Another way to have a comfortable journey during these cooler months is to check to make sure your heat is working properly. You don’t want to be out in the cold without a properly functioning heat system. This also includes the defroster. Driving without a clear windshield is unwise and unsafe. Your local auto repair shop can easily fix either one of these issues.
  • Check Brakes: The roads in the fall months have the potential to become slippery, and unsafe. Ensure that you get your brakes checked up to avoid any accidents. Cold weather also tends to heighten brake problems. An easy way to tell if your brakes have an issue is to listen for unusual noises coming from that general area.
  • Get your Lights Checked: We are accustomed to seeing the sun set after 7:30 pm. However, with the arrival of the fall months, the sun tends to set a lot earlier. Therefore, it is wise to get your lights checked up for any issues. Long drives after sundown are amazing, and it’s essential to have your lights functioning properly to enjoy to the fullest.
  • Check your battery: Check your battery for signs of corrosion or other damage. Breaking down in the middle of the road due to battery issues is unpleasant, to say the very least. Get your battery checked up at the nearest auto service to ensure this never affects you.
With fall comes warmth, and an urge to just get out of the house or enjoy an exciting road trip These tips will help you have the best fall you will have for years to come!