Top 10 Ways To Maintain Your Car During Summer

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Here are 10 ways to maintain your car during summer hot weather:

  • Ensure that your battery is able to withstand high temperatures. Heat and vibration severely degrade the internal parts of a battery, which will eventually lead to total failure. Battery fluid also tends to evaporate quicker during summer, which leads to corrosion on terminals and connections.
  • Tires must be inflated well during summer. Driving with under-inflated tires leads to overheating and blowouts, especially when road temperatures are high. Check tire pressures when the tires are cold for accurate readings.
  • Make sure that fluids are at necessary levels. Engine fluids serve as coolants and lubricants by carrying heat away from certain parts of the engine. When fluid levels are low, cooling effects are reduced. This leads to overheating.
  • The air conditioning system will be essential during the summer months. If it’s an older system, Freon may be leaking into the atmosphere, causing a lot of damage. Have a qualified mechanic take a look at the system so that your ride is a good one.
  • Whenever you reach your destination, keep a dashboard sunshade so that the inside of the car does not overheat. This sunshade serves as a cover and prevents the ultraviolet rays from entering the car. Consider putting them on the side windows as well.
  • You also want to get your oil checked and changed because the summer’s harsh conditions can put stress on your oil and oil filter. The filter sorts through debris and keeps the oil clean. This means the engine runs smoother!
  • Evaluate alignment of the car. If your car seems unsteady or the steering wheel continuously vibrates, your alignment could be off. This is caused by general wear and tear. Fixing this can extend tire life, smoothen out a ride and even save cash on gas!
  • You should get your brakes checked frequently, but more than ever during summer. It’s common for a family to go on long holiday road trips, and traffic is often heavy. So, its necessary to get brakes checked to avoid all accidents.
  • Summer is as good a time as any other to replace your wiper blades. While driving, visibility must be clear. Replacing the wipers ensures exactly this.
  • Late night drives are common during summer, but you won’t be able to see without lights. Ensure that your lights are in prime condition and replace any that are broken or scratched.