Car AC Care In Summer

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Summer: That word reminds us of slushies, pool parties and long trips with family.

All are memories we will cherish forever, especially the moments we get to spend with family. However, the long road trips and vacations would be nearly impossible without a working AC unit. Lucky for you, there are some efficient ways to keep your car’s AC unit up and running so you can make the most of your summer!

  • Change your air filter – The general rule of thumb is to change it every 10-12 thousand miles. However, this varies depending on the roads you traverse. A dirty air filter not only degrades the quality of air blowing into the cabin. It also lowers your fuel efficiency. You always want to have a fresh filter for any long travels you have ahead.
  • Check on the fluids – Eventually, a time comes when you must change your refrigerant. You can tell when that time is when your car’s AC doesn’t blow the same, cool air it used to. Many people overlook this, and often don’t even notice the difference. It’s best you take your vehicle in whenever you start to notice that the AC isn’t working as well as it once did. The refrigerant or freon used in a car’s AC can cause potential harm to the environment and/or yourself. A qualified professional can fix your issue within a couple of hours. A recharge is typically done every two years.
  • Turn off your AC before you turn off your engine – Many believe it’s a myth that keeping your AC on when you turn off your car causes harm. However, it is in fact very true. Turning off your AC before you turn off your car not only lessens the chances that you will be hit with a blast of heat when you turn it back on, it also increases battery life. The next time you turn on your car, the battery won’t have to work as hard to turn on the cool air.
  • Occasionally, turn on your AC to full blast – Many people also believe that they save money on gas by not even using the AC. They just roll down the windows on a hot summer day. However, this tends to cause dust and debris buildup. Every now and then, it is recommended to turn up your AC to full blast so that it clears everything out and ensures that the refrigerant circulates the lubricating oil in the system. This keeps vital parts lubricated, and overall keeps your system clean.