The charging system is responsible for charging the batteries and providing power to run the vehicle’s electrical systems without draining the battery. The charging system consists of the batteries, cables, wiring, voltage regulator and alternator. The alternator is an electromagnetic device that turns motion into the electricity which will be used to charge the batteries and run the vehicle electrical system. The needs of the vehicle determine the size of the alternator. Alternators can range from as low as 37 amps for transport refrigeration units to 300 amps for big vehicles.

The role of the alternator is to provide continual charge to the battery whilst engine is running. This supply of power prevents the battery from discharge, and provides the requested power to the car’s electrical devices. The alternator is connected and powered by the crankshaft through a drive belt. When the engine is running, the drive belt rotates the alternator, which converts the kinetic energy into electrical current. The general principle is to transform the movement initiated by the flywheel into electricity. The reliability, the safety and the best quality of new products are driven by constant innovation and strong testing criteria.

Alternator Repair

Without a properly working alternator, your vehicle cannot operate. Your vehicle’s alternator keeps it running by working to keep the battery charged. Commonly found near the front of a vehicle’s engine, the alternator can be recognized by its aluminum body, vents, and cooling fan. For trusted alternator repair, Kwik Kar Auto Care Center is your local alternator repair shop. Our certified mechanics know how to quickly diagnose and resolve alternator problems fast. We always offer all our alternator services at an affordable rate while always providing top notch customer service.

Warning Signs Your Alternator is Failing

There are warning signs when your alternator begins to fail and will need to be replaced, including:

  • Burning rubber – Often times when an alternator begins to defect it begins to smell like burned rubber
  • Irregular headlights – Your headlights stop working or dim unexpectedly
  • Abnormal noises – Typically when an alternator begins to fail it will emit a whining noise